STEP 1. Create your menu and order point

Sign up for Mycelium Swish and improve the way you interact with customers! It’s free and easy to get started: add your menu, choose your preferred payment methods and create your first order point by printing out a unique QR code.

STEP 2. Assign staff

Don’t forget to assign staff to each of your venue’s unique order points for fast and precise order execution. We have created the SwishWaiter app to help you manage this process - get it free on Google Play.

STEP 3. Start accepting orders

You are now ready to start accepting orders. Customers will be able to place and pay for an order by scanning the QR code at one of your order point locations.

Once scanned, your menu will pop up on their smart phone, ready for them to create a meal by selecting dishes from the menu and once happy, they can confirm it with an easy payment process.

The order is now placed and your staff has been notified on their mobile devices, ready to start serving.

STEP 4. Make more money

With Mycelium Swish your establishment’s customer interaction is supercharged with a fully automated ordering process, thereby helping to reduce both human errors and fraud while increasing your table turnover and the overall efficiency of your venue!

Get all the benefits right now

For venues

  • Reduce your staffing expenses  
  • Create remote points of sale  
  • Increase the efficiency of your venue  
  • Start accepting Bitcoin payments  
  • Avoid human error & fraud  
  • Improve your customer’s experience  
  • Explore new profit channels  
  • 100% free to use  
  • Increase customer loyalty  
  • Monitor sales with access to all data  

For customers

  •   No app required
  •   Pay in any currency including Bitcoin
  •   Order from anywhere
  •   Spend less time ordering food
  •   Experience a more streamlined order process
  •   Explore the benefits of simplified ordering
  •   Skip the queue, go straight to pickup
  •   Get your food faster
  •   No need to communicate with anyone
  •   Avoid fraud, order with confidence